Recently a segment of our community committed to the work of personal change.  The first law used in that process is to seek the truth, specifically about one’s self.  This requires us to be open to really seeing. Often what’s in front of us is difficult to face not because of what’s there, but because of the judgement we create about it. Know this and continue to look at yourself and your life head on. Separate the judgement from the deeper you.  Don’t look away – be the observer of the judgement. Nothing about yourself is permanent, except for the abundant wisdom and compassion and peace that rises up from your center when you become still.

It is true that we are not perfect, but that imperfection is not what blocks our ability to change.  Rather it is the noise and fuss of our self judgement that is the block. Philosopher Carl Rogers stated: “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”  

Where are your self-judgements impeding you?