With Yoga Teacher Training coming soon at Sol, my mind turns again to growth.  It feels great to grow. There is a simple joy in it. To learn new skills, gain fresh comprehension, or even just see a familiar thing in a whole new way.  Growth and its companion joyfulness are why we are here.

As children we grow at a rapid rate.  A recent reminder of this has come watching my grandson go from crawling to walking in a matter of a few days. He is a creature lit up.  In stark contrast, as the years roll by it seems growth becomes more difficult and can slow. The light can grow dim. Why?

I believe, one cause stems from clinging to the identity we’ve built up.  Has your practice started to give you some sobering glimpses of your protective structures?  Mine has. Perhaps as well, like me, you’re getting that sneaking suspicion that this sturdy sense of identity isn’t serving you well and that greater freedom may await?  One man came to this realization suddenly and shared, “One day, I finally realized that I no longer needed a personal history. So just like drinking, I gave it up, and that, and only that, has made all the difference.”

If you loosened your grip on your personal history, what difference might you make?   What are you waiting for?  Now is your time to shine!