You may have noticed by now that life continually offers you experiences for growth.  These can be big like a relationship change, new job, illness, a move. Or they can be small – you’re running late, someone cut you off on the road, a visit from a friend, the weather.  Opportunities are constantly presenting themselves and whether or not you’re aware, you have a choice to use them as a way to accept and let go, or resist and suffer.  There is always a choice. It may appear complicated but the process is simple.

One first step is to get used to the idea of being outside your comfort zone. You know you’re outside it when you feel resistance – to anything. That’s life tapping you on the shoulder asking you to wake up. That’s where you have a choice – to retreat back to old habits or stories OR move toward the discomfort, being open to forgiveness and self-honesty. That’s growth. If you want something to change, how you respond or see it needs to change first.  The more willing you are to be in that space the quicker you can learn what you need to learn. And that is almost always an acceptance of what is.