Relaxing with, rather than resisting what is helps us understand that we can turn challenging, difficult moments into opportunities for profound change. This looks like not immediately reacting when something or someone triggers us. In that pause, there is the space and power to choose. Sometimes that pause is too brief for us to make anything of it. But with practice those pauses lengthen and we can look at the situation, notice how we are feeling, and bring compassion and understanding.  Often this looks like acknowledging how we feel and not trying to change it. In that acknowledging we bring grace to ourselves, to the situation, to those closest to us. We open ourselves to be heard and create an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves. Wisdom and peace never comes from losing our cool.

Yoga is a place where you can practice this. Next time you’re in a challenging pose and you want to get out of it, choose to stay and breathe.  As you learn to relax in these moments, your ability to relax in moments off your mat grows. Know that the discomfort in these moments holds “lessons and can give new direction [to your life] if you stay open and relax with the discomfort just as it is.”