This week I rented a 15’ truck to move some equipment from central to southern New Hampshire.  It was a clear cold day – perfect for taking in the forested mountains near Sunapee.  Pulling onto Route 89 I glanced down at the gauges to check my speed only to find a divine message in the form of a sticker which read: “Speed kills.  Slow down and live.”

I smiled and said it out loud to myself – “Slow down and live.”  Needed inspiration from a surprising source.  Savoring its broad implications, the phrase felt like a twin sister to “Be still and know.”

Why is slowing down so hard?  Why do I fall into a pattern of constant doing so easily?  How would slowing down create more living?  Perhaps if I stopped moving constantly, physically and mentally, my feelings would catch up and give me genuine feedback on how well I’m living in harmony with my heart.  Is all this motion an effort to hide from those changes that deep down I feel will move me toward more joyful living?

But if Yoga has taught me anything it has taught me this: slowing down to breath, to practice, and to listen and feel is worth the effort every time.  Sometimes the tears are joyful, sometimes painful, and sometimes a mix of both – but always, always cleansing.

So slow down and listen to your heart.

Slow down and really live.

Slow down and love.