With a new year ahead of us, I’ve been thinking about vision – not only what we see right before us with our physical eyes, but what we see and want for ourselves and our lives in the future. This is seeing something that isn’t there yet, but what we want to create. If you want to live a deliberate life vision is essential. It moves us from a specific point to another specific point.
We call this drishti in yoga – which helps focus us in our practice and on our mats. We use the words “point to point” – meaning our eyes move from one specific point to another, helping maintain focus. More importantly, this type of looking and seeing helps distractions fall away. Vision, in a broader sense, does this as well. There are many many distractions that come our way in many different forms. Knowing and staying true to our own personal vision helps lessen the pull of those distractions and allows us to move forward in the direction we intend and want to move, with more ease and momentum.
What is your vision for your life? Ask yourself not just what you want, but what’s possible? Often what’s possible is much more than you think.