Do you believe you have the power to create whole-life health for yourself?

After years of worrying too much about what I do and don’t eat and how many miles I run each week, yoga’s message that health is to be sought primarily in the realm of spirit rings true for me – and I hope for you as well.   This principle places the power to improve our own health directly within reach. And it starts with waking up to the gap between natural law (e.g. yoga’s Yamas and Niyamas) and the system of stories we sabotage ourselves with. These are the stories we use to shrink back from the discomforts of growth or even shrinking back from taking that first step.  “What will people think?” “What if I fail?” “I am not enough (smart enough, strong enough, brave enough, etc.).”

How is this tendency to be overcome? One simple answer: practice yoga.  Yes, if you are practicing you are already well on your way it turns out.  By developing the ability to choose to move toward the discomforts of yoga’s physical poses with a calm mind (or at least mostly calm mind!) you have begun to develop the strength of spirit to move calmly towards pains of the heart and psyche; to feel and allow, rather than fight or flee.  Put another way your truth seeking muscles are well underway in their development. And if you can begin to face those types of pains, which are the source of most of our ailments, you are well on your way to creating a new path of whole-life health.