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A Simple Source of Confidence

One of the lessons from a physical yoga practice is how it helps us see what is not helping. Gritting my teeth has never made the burn in my front [...]

You Don’t Need to Fit in

Last summer, I spent 24 hours in New York city. The architecture, the lights, the food - all of it - was impressive. But what most impressed me were the [...]

Pausing to Feel

Our lives are filled with noise.  First in the form of physical sound; much of which we choose to invite in by what we listen too.  Televisions, car stereos, ear-buds, [...]

Resting into Resilience

When I hear the word resilience, I typically think of attributes like stamina, strength, or grit, as well as the ability to endure external blows.  Not just physical blows, but [...]

The Burden of Personal History

With Yoga Teacher Training coming soon at Sol, my mind turns again to growth.  It feels great to grow. There is a simple joy in it. To learn new skills, [...]

Seeking Truth

Recently a segment of our community committed to the work of personal change.  The first law used in that process is to seek the truth, specifically about one’s self.  This [...]

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