Live your deep yes.

It begins with you.

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Letting Go Into Abundance

Two very separate ideas have collided in a beautiful way for me recently.  The first is Abundance.  The second is non-hoarding, the fifth moral restraint of yoga.  The first has [...]

Be Willing to Come Apart

This is what Baron Baptiste says about that:  “There is a lot of value in being willing to completely come apart. We can give up the illusion that everything is [...]

A Deep Yes to Less

The year of the fire rooster is now four days old, but as my father always said, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  This phrase [...]

The Story Behind Deep Yes

Last summer my 22 year old daughter and her friend went to a farmer’s market in Essex, Massachusetts.  As they stopped at a table of homemade soaps they talked with [...]