What is class like at Sol?  Our classes are offered to yogis of every level, from beginner to advanced practitioner. We teach the Baptiste Journey Into Power sequence, which is a form of yoga called Vinyasa, which means body movements coordinated with breath. Regular group classes are held in a room heated to 90 degrees to encourage a deep change within the muscles.

I’m a beginner, where do I start? Easy, right where you are! You are ready NOW and every class is accessible to everyone that walks into the studio, no matter their experience level or ability level. Breathe, take breaks if needed, take your time – it’s called a practice for a reason!

Do you offer non-heated classes? Yes, our Yin classes are non-heated.

Do you offer Private Lessons? Yes, a number of our teachers are available for private lessons during a variety of times throughout the week. Shoot us an email to schedule an appointment.

Should I do anything before class? It is best to come to class well hydrated and ready to sweat. Avoid eating a heavy meal 1-2 hours before class to keep your stomach comfortable.

What will I need for my first class? What should I wear?  Mats can be borrowed at no charge on your first visit, or rented for a fee for each subsequent visits. We also recommend bringing water and a towel, as well as wearing comfortable, fitted, flexible clothing to sweat in.

How will I feel after class? Each person feels different after yoga. You may find yourself energized, exhausted, hungry, or with no appetite at all. Your experience both during and after class is unique to you and may change over time as you develop your practice. If it is your first time at Sol, you may find that you are sore or tired the following day—it’s totally normal! Your body has been introduced to a new experience and may react by tensing up in certain areas. The best thing to do is to jump right back in and re-invigorate your body and stretch your aches away. Simply remember to modify as necessary and respect your own flexibility and strength.

How often should I come to class? Your yoga practice is just that—a practice. The more you are able to come to class, the greater it will serve you. Three times or more a week seems to be the tipping point that will make all the difference in your practice and your life.

Can I take class if I am injured? Consult with your medical professionalLet the instructor know about your injury before taking class so he/she can address your specific issues and give you modifications to make.

Can I practice yoga if I’m pregnant?  Pregnancy yoga is parallel to the regular practice with the omission of twists and inversions as well as supine asanas after twenty weeks. Variations to all of the asanas are possible. While the room is heated, the pregnant mom will not experience a core body temperature increase so therefore it is safe.  Our recommendation is to take a few in-class private lessons to help you learn which poses to modify and how to do those poses safely.   Call to make arrangements.

How long will it take before I’m good at yoga? There is no such thing as being “good” at yoga—every yogi takes his or her own path.  Your strength and flexibility will progress at your own pace. Our instructors are present to make sure you are safe and properly aligned; your only responsibility is to respect how your body feels with acceptance and non-judgment.