Seth Poirier

Seth Poirier

In about my tenth year of sobriety, I walked into my first yoga class. My addictions had been substituted with long hours at work, running, the gym and overextending myself at every possible opportunity. Always chasing more, my body hurt, and in many ways I was broken. Simply stated, I wanted this pain to go away.

The teacher offered me to “try easy” and by the end of class I knew I had found something. Not knowing what had really happened in that class, I only knew that my thoughts had slowed down and my body took on a lightness that was tangible. Little did I know this was just the beginning.

What I love    Time spent outdoors, training dogs, quality over quantity and finding stillness.

Why Power Yoga    I find a challenging flow is one of the most effective ways to take me out of my head and into my body. Body, mind and spirit!

Home    I am grateful to call Temple, New Hampshire home with my fiance Deb and three overly enthusiastic dogs.

Favorite word   Clarity

What inspires me    Today I am inspired by the belief that on our paths as humans we are never stagnant. We are either moving forward or we are regressing. If you don’t grow, you go!

Training   RYT – 200, Gregory Singleton