Foundations of Yoga

 Saturday, December 2,   2 -4 PM

Whether you’re new to your mat or a seasoned Yogi, this workshop will take your practice to a new level.  Join Jayne to learn the alignment details of each pose and explore your breath and body for a richer understanding of what’s possible in your practice.

Cost:      $30    |     $20 for members


Past Workshops


The Power of Breath

Come discover your breath in an entirely new way.  We will learn about and practice different breathing techniques to use in your every day life, whether that’s for increased energy, healing, or calm. We will also practice meditation and breath, as well as access the power of your ujjayi breath in your yoga practice.


Discovering Your Core Strength

Come discover the principles of core strength and stability and learn new ways to access it during your practice.  Join Karen for this hands-on active workshop!