I haven’t been swimming enough this summer, but did get to in my home town recently with my Dad.  We exchanged a few tips and then each went to work in that isolated realm of a swimming lane. During breast-stroke I noticed a bit of laziness in not pointing my arms out truly straight – that I wasn’t really hugging my ears with my biceps during the kick.  The result was that I was creating more frictional resistance and this resistance was in turn requiring more effort from me to move forward.

It was a poignant reminder to me that is takes mindful discipline to create efficient flow in life.  Or put another way, that purposeful effort is needed to minimize resistance.

For me resistance almost always feels like a judgement I’m making.  Some event, person, organization, or concept is not acceptable – so I should change them or it… or at least it or they should change.  Not that all I encounter is to be praised and endorsed: in truth much is not.  But if I am to influence in a way that betters life for those around me, I am slowly learning that I am more likely to act or speak in a helpful way if I first listen, really listen with no judgement; with no resistance.  No resistance to what is right before me.  No pre-planned agenda to fix or change. Just an intention to really observe and take in.

So take a moment to notice what you are resisting right now and ask yourself a few questions such as: “How would my experience of life shift, were I to drop or reduce my resistance to this situation?” – “Am I ready to trade in being right for a little more happiness?” – “How much longer am I content with keeping my heart closed and my spirit blocked over this issue?”

You and I have the power to choose.  It is always a choice.  Always.

Why not drop some resistance?  

Why not now?