New to Yoga? You’re in the right place!

candid sol power yoga class

 Open the door, unroll your mat and breathe.  At Sol Power Yoga we are committed to making your first and every experience comfortable and enjoyable. There is no perfect pose. You don’t need to be flexible, in great shape or have the right clothes.

Try our New Student Deal to see what it’s all about. After 30 days of unlimited yoga, you’ll feel strong, grounded, clear-minded, and you’ll be a part of our vibrant community!

What to Expect on your First Visit

  • A warm welcome. Someone will be at the front desk to welcome you.
  • Registration. If you haven’t registered online, the teacher will help you here. Please arrive 10 minutes early if you need to get registered.
  • A lobby space for stuff. Leave your shoes and belongings in the lobby. We lock the doors during class to keep them secure!
  • A clean and friendly yoga studio. Make your way into the studio and lay your mat down. Grab a strap and a block and make yourself comfortable. Introduce yourself to your neighbor.
  • Cell-phone free. You come to practice at Sol to escape the interruptions of daily life. Please turn your phones and other devices to silent and leave them in the lobby. (Unless you’re on call—then we can make an exception!)
  • Oms. Each class will begin and end with one or three Oms.
  • Heat. The studio will be heated to 92º for most classes.
  • …which in turn leads to Sweat. Bring a bottle of water. And maybe a hand towel!

What to bring:    Water, and mat & towel (we’ve got them for you to rent if you need it!)