Jayne Young


I’m a mother of four, musician, friend, sister and wife. I started practicing yoga when my children were young and I was amazed and surprised at the physical and mental changes that came. Yoga helps me feel strong and be more gentle with myself and others; reminds me of the importance of being kind, and empowers me to be bold and fearless.

What I love      Being outside, going for walks, being with my family, talking with friends, writing letters.

Why power yoga    Power yoga is not only a vigorous physical practice, but it is a mental practice as well. I love the focus on breath and finding your edge.  I love the challenge. I love how strong and capable I feel after class.

Home    I grew up in Deep River, Connecticut, a small town on the Connecticut River. New Hampshire is my second home.

Favorite word    Gentle

What inspires me    Young kids fearlessly trying new things

Training     Certified Baptiste Teacher, Level One Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste; Level Two with Paige Elenson; Level Three with Baron Baptiste; RYT 200; Art of Assisting; workshops with Philip Urso, Lisa Taylor & Coeli Marsh; Mentoring with Coeli Marsh

Karen Montgomery

I began practicing yoga regularly 10 years ago after the birth of my first child. While dealing with the stressors of motherhood, I realized I needed something more than the physical benefits that exercise brings—I needed to find a way to relieve stress and quiet my mind. I stumbled upon a yoga studio, at a friend’s suggestion, which is when my yoga journey began. I quickly learned that yoga is not only capable of transforming the physical body, it is also a way to transform the mind—to change the way we perceive the world around us. I am a wife, a mother of three young children, and a dedicated fitness enthusiast.

What I love    Spending time with my family and friends, jogging, strength training, enjoying a good cup of coffee, learning new things, and teaching a great yoga class!

Why Power Yoga     Power Yoga is a trifecta—it increases strength, balance, and flexibility all in one exercise discipline. It is a way to create an extremely toned and strong physical body while at the same time allowing the mind a chance to quiet down—to reset.

Home     Michigan for most of my life. Now Bedford, NH

Favorite word     Resilience

What inspires me     Using my gift of teaching to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Training     Center for Yoga in Birmingham, Michigan under nationally renowned yoga teacher Jonny Kest. RYT 200

Sarah Parris

Yoga found me, and for that I could not be more grateful. Growing up, I did not have the greatest connection with my physical body. Through yoga I have become reacquainted with how amazing it can feel to move and breath. I am a mother of two beautiful children – I use yoga to help keep my center in the midst of   parenting. I love that yoga is a practice – we are not required to have it all figured out, only that we show up – this carries through on and off the mat.

What I love     I am a lover of life, my family and learning. I love exploring, trying new things and being outside.

Why power yoga     I had been told for years that I had exercise induced asthma (EIA), and that was the reason that I could not breathe through a Zumba, kickboxing, or any other cardio style class. In reality I never had asthma, I had actually never learned how to breathe – deep, full, open powerful breath. Power yoga has shown me that I am stronger than I ever knew, that I can do hard things, and that I have support to attain my dreams – whatever they may be.

Home      I grew up in a small town in Idaho called Twin Falls. It is famous for Evil Knievil trying to cross the mile-wide chasm of the Snake River Canyon in the 70’s…on a motorcycle. He didn’t quite make it – but survived.  Now Bedford is my home.

Favorite word     This is hard! I’m going to have to go with EASE-ABILITY. My husband tells me that I made up this word. I think that the Webster’s dictionary just hasn’t added it yet. Try it out! There are so many uses for it!!!!!

What inspires me      People. People going after their dreams and supporting other people with their dreams.

Training    Baptiste Affiliate Studio Salt Lake Power Yoga,  RYT 200; Centered City Yoga,  RYT 500; workshop with Coeli Marsh

York Young

Yoga provides me with a spiritual practice that gives me the courage to love deeply and open my heart to what is.  It brings teachers and truths into my life that deeply resonate with me.  It brings a quietness of mind that helps me recognize my fears and sit calmly with them.  Through yoga I have found more completely my voice, my people, and my purpose.


What I love     The sky.  Mornings.  Jayne.  My children: Hannon, Haven, Mason, and Eli.

Why power yoga      It is a beautiful mixture of meditation and dancing – one that changes my body, mind, and heart.

Home     Midlothian VA and now Amherst NH

Favorite word     Love 

What inspires me     Silence, the stars, poetry, and children.

Training      Live Love Teach – Level One & Level Two with Philip Urso and Renee Deslaurier; workshop with Coeli Marsh; RYT  200

Diane Yanzo

There’s something about the combination of community, breath, heat, and flow that is like nothing else! As a long time runner, I was drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, for the gain in flexibility and strength…I didn’t bargain for the life changing transformation that all began 15 years ago!!

What I love      I love all things outside …hiking, biking, running, walking, the moon, the sun, the stars, gardening, watching and being part of my kids’ activities, cooking, exploring, and trying all things new.

Why power yoga      I’ve tried many different types of yoga and love most, but there’s something about heated power yoga that inspires me to want to teach it! The physical transformation is astounding.

Home      I grew up in Shelburne, Vermont, lived in the Boston area for 10+ years and now call New Hampshire my home.

Favorite word     Truth

What inspires me       People living their truth inspires me. People brave enough to challenge the status quo and push past their comfort zone. Unconditional love inspires me!

Training       Level One with Baron Baptiste, Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training with Philip Urso – Live Love Teach; further training with Bryan Kest, Ana Forrest, Tom Gillette, Stacy Dockins, Erich Schiffmann, and Seane Corn; RYT 200

Genevieve Austin Hoellrich

I  began practicing yoga over ten years ago in Montreal Canada as a powerful method of healing on an emotional, mental and physical level. After several years of consistent and needed yoga practice, I felt inspired to become a certified yoga instructor and share my love and belief in the benefits of yoga. Yoga has completely transformed my life; it has given me my mat; a place to come to laugh, to cry, to love, to grieve and most of all a place to feel complete gratitude.

What I love     My family, yoga, being outside, trying new things, music, books, food, wine and the sun on my face.

Why power yoga     In such a powerful practice I feel light. Power yoga constantly challenges me, creating this need to learn more, try new things and just be amazed by what the body and mind can do when connected with breath. When I get on my mat I feel “home” and at peace.

Home     I grew up in Great Village Nova Scotia Canada  (a tiny town on the Bay of Fundy).  Now Bedford NH is my home.

Favorite word    Explore

What inspires me     Strong, honest, compassionate, kind people who are willing to to take risks and invest in themselves.

Training    200 hr YogaSource Los Gatos with Linda McGrath; 200 hr Core Power Yoga; 20 hr immersion with Maty Ezraty; Prenatal & Kids Yoga Training.  RYT 200