Sol Power – Our signature class follows the internationally celebrated Baptiste Journey Into Power sequence. Accessible yet challenging, each vinyasa class comes uniquely served to bring you to your physical edge and into your fully human potential.
Sol Power Basics – Our Signature Sol Power done at a slower pace to allow an effective study of alignment, and cultivate a deeper connection to breath. Perfect for your first class at Sol!

$8 Class – Our way to give back and help make yoga accessible to all. This is our signature all-levels Sol power yoga flow. Guaranteed to challenge and leave you energized and renewed.  It will be the best 8 bucks you spend all week!

Yin Yoga –  A perfect complement to your power yoga class. The intentions of Yin are to stimulate, strengthen and revive tissues of the body that are not emphasized to the same degree as in active styles of exercise. Expect to spend most of the class on the floor, where you bring your body into a posture, remaining relatively still for between three and five minutes.