Sol PowerThis sweaty class is accessible for all experience levels. Practiced without the distraction of music to create a highly concentrated environment, this class is designed to help you optimize your body and mind, starting from where you currently are. With special focus on true core strength and real life flexibility, this is our most popular option for cross training for other activities. You’re guaranteed to leave feeling energized, focussed, and strong. Straight up, this class will up your game.

Sol Power Beats – This class takes our signature Sol Power class, adds a curated playlist, and takes the flow up a notch. Expect less cuing and more movement with breath as the music supports you in getting out of your head and into the experience of being alive, in your body, and with your community. Just like all our Power classes, this class is heated and open to all levels!

Candlelight Sol Power Earn your sweat in this breath focussed methodically paced class. We’ll slow things down to move with deliberate breath cues and longer holds to create a unique connected state. Adding to the class are solful music vibes and lowered lights to help you find your power state. Great for any practitioner looking to find more ease and confidence in their life. You’ll definitely leave feeling centered and clear with a heightened awareness of your breath!.

Vin/Yin – Two of Sol Powers favorites. A combination of 30 minutes of select portions of our Power Flow and 30 minutes of Yin yoga, in a room temperature studio practiced to music. For anyone who’s looking for strength and calm in one class!

Yin Yoga – Straight up, our most chill class. But don’t let the fact that you’ll be lying on your mat the whole time fool you. With long holds to help promote joint health, flexibility, circulation, and mental focus, you’ll be challenged in a whole new way. Taught in a room temperature studio with music. A beautiful complement to your power yoga or other athletic pursuits!

Sol Power Basics – Our Signature Sol Power done at a slower pace to allow an effective study of alignment, and cultivate a deeper connection to breath. Perfect for your first class at Sol!

$10 Class – Our way to give back and help make yoga accessible to all. This is our signature all-levels Sol power yoga flow. Guaranteed to challenge and leave you energized and renewed. It will be the best ten bucks you spend all week!