Not all of the coping mechanisms we put into play over the past two years are now serving us well.   But they did help us cope through a lot of epic shifts.  We’ve lost loved ones physically or emotionally.  Divisions have arisen where there was once harmony.  And now as things start to return to normal on the exterior, it can feel odd to sense things are far from normal inside.  Now, more than ever, is a time to process what we’ve been through, assess what is still intact, and chart a course forward to rebuild or simply build anew.

Let’s be honest, such is not easy work.  It will be tempting to distract ourselves with media, food, social debates, or entertaining workouts.  But we can choose instead those healthy practices that center and ground us; that lend us the courage and the space to listen to our feelings, and act from the quiet wisdom in our hearts.

I believe we know intuitively what practices we now need most to recover, regroup, and heal; to clarify what we want to create for ourselves and our dear ones; and to chart the next actions.  Some of us will know it is time to renew our study of scriptures, others to dust off our meditation cushion, and for most of us to unroll our yoga mat more frequently and return to our communities of practice.  Whatever you see as the next small step to strengthen your spirit and compassion, I invite you to do so with gentleness, aware that some things may have atrophied, but with a warrior’s determination nonetheless.  We may be wounded and limping, but we are still moving forward to create a life we love.