40 Days to Personal Revolution

alter what’s possible for your life.

Through this program you will gain clarity about what you want in life, the ability to say no when you need to, and the power to move beyond the ordinary resistances that hold you back. You’ll learn about and discover the freedom to be in action, to express yourself fully and to fulfill on what’s important to you, regardless of the circumstances.  Your highest contributions are made from this place.

Next Session Begins Fall 2020

Here are the details:

  • Challenge yourself to practice 6 days a week
  • Begin a meditation routine
  • Connect for discussions and support through our weekly meetings
  • Learn about healthy clean eating principles, including a three day cleanse
  • Practice self inquiry through journaling and group work

Investment:  $190  |  $90 for Members   Includes unlimited yoga, inspirational emails, weekly meetings, one Foundations Workshop, and our unwavering support.

Not sure? Read on!

My 40 day experience  made a huge impact on me and the way I view my life. I discovered some wonderful tools to help me survive the challenges of life and to live more truthfully.  I also enjoyed meeting all those that participated in our 40 day journey.  Sharing our struggles in life is not always easy but for some reason in this setting it was not difficult.”     ~ Moira

I benefit daily from the listening skills we worked on.  Being able to listen and breathe has helped me handle many of my off the mat challenges.  I continue to be amazed at what good can come out of potentially difficult situations.”     ~Ann

“The program asks for some commitment of time and energy but it gives back and then some.  I discovered that committing to myself does not mean less commitment to someone or something else.  It is not a zero sum game.  The more I commit to myself, the more I am in this world and the more I am for the people around me.”    ~Emmy