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Shawn Pate

Shawn Pate

My husband, Andrew, introduced me to yoga as a way to counteract the effects of running. Before I knew it, I was asking for books to deepen my understanding, taking workshops, enrolling in 40 day programs and meditating daily. I am still baffled at how completely I have become consumed by the gift of yoga in my life.

What I love Family. Blizzards. Roaring fires in the fireplace on Sunday afternoons in the Fall. And the woods… always the woods.

Why power yoga In power yoga I find the perfect challenge of strength and stillness.

Home I grew up in upstate NY, or as people from the city call it, “Canada” – although I was just north of Albany! NH is now my home and I love the farmland and proximity to the mountains, the coast, and Boston.

Favorite word Radiance

What inspires me Women lifting other women.

Training YogaNH, Workshop with Coeli Marsh, RYT 200