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Effort and Ease

If you’ve been practicing at Sol Power Yoga lately, you may have noticed some messages around effort and ease.  Maybe you even picked up two new sanskrit words: sthira (effort) [...]

Returning to Restorative Practices

Not all of the coping mechanisms we put into play over the past two years are now serving us well.   But they did help us cope through a lot [...]

Don’t Wait

One of things I miss most about no longer having children under 14, is reading to them every night. From Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar to Maurice Sendak’s Where the [...]

The Surprising Breadth and Power of Gratitude

Lately as part of yoga teacher training at Sol, I’ve been reading, thinking, and speaking about the five Yamas - yoga’s five ethical principles that invite us to be more [...]

Yankees or Red Sox?

This past Sunday Jayne and I carved out an hour to go walking around the old village of Amherst. The weather was perfect for a Sunday walk - light rain [...]

Shampoo Epiphanies

It seems God has been speaking to me lately by means of shampoo bottles. Two separate phrases have stuck with me like road tar for months now. The first “Curiously [...]

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