Live your deep yes.

It begins with you.

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Relax With What Is

Relaxing with, rather than resisting what is helps us understand that we can turn challenging, difficult moments into opportunities for profound change. This looks like not immediately reacting when something [...]

Traveling Together

A very dear friend of mine explained to me this week, that she’d come to the realization that each of us is on our own path.  I saw her point; [...]

Personal Revolution?

A few in our community recently made the choice to commit to a 40 day program with “Personal Revolution” as part of its title.  This begs the question - Why [...]

Paying Attention

I recently heard a Buddhist Teacher confess that it is much easier for him to talk about suffering than happiness. His theory as to why: suffering is universal and we [...]

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

You may have noticed by now that life continually offers you experiences for growth.  These can be big like a relationship change, new job, illness, a move. Or they can [...]

Higher Ground

I recently watched a film wherein an older man and teenage boy had to survive in the bush of New Zealand.  At one point the man (who said very little) [...]