Live your deep yes.

It begins with you.

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Step out of Your Comfort Zone

You may have noticed by now that life continually offers you experiences for growth.  These can be big like a relationship change, new job, illness, a move. Or they can [...]

Higher Ground

I recently watched a film wherein an older man and teenage boy had to survive in the bush of New Zealand.  At one point the man (who said very little) [...]

Be Here. Now.

Eckhart Tolle offers this invitation in each book and lecture: Be here, in the present, where your life is happening. If we are anywhere else we’re missing it. Or we’re [...]

Want What You Have

What would your life be like if you had everything you wanted? If there was no wishing or yearning for something more - what you wanted was right before you. [...]

Don’t Miss Your Life

We often get impatient for things to pass - a day, a season, a conversation, a time of life, a yoga class.  If we’re always anticipating getting through it, we [...]

Letting Go Into Abundance

Two very separate ideas have collided in a beautiful way for me recently.  The first is Abundance.  The second is non-hoarding, the fifth moral restraint of yoga.  The first has [...]